How it Works

VCino is an On-Demand Hospitality Management Service that connects Homeowners to co-host from their neighborhood, called VCinos. All VCinos are background-checked and take care of everything from inventory, linen service, opening the door for a handyman, and ensuring homes are sparkling clean. Our mission is to make homesharing easier for everyone, while giving homeowners peace of mind, keeping guests happy, and allowing neighbors to earn extra income on their own time.

For Homeowners

Vcino makes managing a short-term rental easy for anyone. We give you personalized, hassle-free management 24/7. Imagine finding someone to manage your Airbnb listing who lives right in your neighborhood and is ready to work on demand. Your home will outshine other listings, because every detail is taken care of to keep your guests happy. We know hospitality cleaning standards, so you can rest assured that your listing is turnkey and ready to make guests feel at home, leading to better reviews and more bookings.

You can choose from basic maintenance like inventory and inspection, or you can allow us to handle everything from cleaning and linen service to restocking and redesigning your home. We charge you a flat fee, never percentages, so you know exactly how much to budget. Ultimately, you can earn more profit on your vacation rental by minimizing unnecessary maintenance fees. Vcinos are background-checked and covered under our platform of insurance, so you have peace of mind that your property and your guests are taken care of.

Whether you’re away on vacation or simply don’t have time to check your property in between every guest, we’ve got your back.

Helpful neighbors are closer than you think. Hire a Vcino.

Good Vcino Package

  • Report of any scratches, dents or stain
  • Inventory taken
  • Digital Pictures
  • Email Notification after VCino has performed inspection
  • Add Odors

$79.00Add to cart

Great Vcino Package

  • Everything from the Good VCino Package PLUS:
    • 100 Point Inspection
    • Ensure your property is intact by thoroughly cleaning  & sanitizing interior
    • Change and Wash Linen & Terry
    • Disposal of garbage and recycling (liner replacement)
    • Refill shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash as well as starter pack of laundry pods and dryer sheet
    • Thermostat Adjusted Accordingly
    • Deodorize with our Signature Home Scent

$159.00Add to cart

Ultimate Vcino Package

  • Everything from the Great VCino Package PLUS:
    • Preventive Maintenance – all bulbs are properly working, air filters are changed, all remotes have batteries, no knobs are loose.
    • Report by a Professional Interior Designer Consultation (anything from furniture re-allocation, paint changes to a full renovation to make your home more marketable).

$350.00Add to cart

Become a Vcino

Earn extra income as a Vcino inspector. Connect with homeowners in your community who are searching for a bit of extra help with their vacation rentals. Vcinos are co-hosts who make sure their neighbors’ short-term rentals are stocked, cleaned, and ready to welcome guests.

As a Vcino, you get to set your hours and work on your own time. Earn between $18-$25 per assignment. You’ll need to do a quick, free background check to confirm your identity, and then you’re ready to work!

Becoming a Vcino is simple.

Sign up
Click here to sign up with Vcino. All you need is an email address or Facebook profile.

We will review your information and email you to complete the verification process.

Vcino Certified
Get certified by our staff to ensure you are ready to run inspections on our properties.

Certification includes your initial orientation and a background check to verify your identity. This should only take a few minutes.

Download The App
Download the app, connect, and start earning extra income. Simply upload a photo of yourself and an account number to receive payment. Once verification is complete, you will receive property assignments based on your location, demand, and how efficiently you complete your tasks. The better your reviews are, the more assignments you’ll receive.

Who We Are

Helena Barraza

CEO and Founder

Helena has experience as a successful Business Developer in the Hospitality Industry where she’s worked with companies such as Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton. Before working in Hospitality, she spent 12 years working for the world’s largest bank where she developed a portfolio in Wealth Management. Her passion for excellence in hospitality inspired her to create a tool that would connect neighbors with one another in order to improve and simplify the short-term rental experience. Helena understands that many homeowners lack the time needed to manage their properties, and successful properties depend on excellent guest reviews. Her idea was to connect these homeowners with neighbors who were willing to be co-hosts in exchange for earning extra income. She decided to build a platform to make that happen and has since begun to transform the simplification of short-term property management.

Daniel Macadar

CTO and Co-Founder

Professional experience ranges from managing simple internet portals to the creation of complex and thorough web and mobile applications. These programmed and designed sites are the result of proficient technology solutions, IT work, and mobile communications. Currently running Simple Solutions after graduating Florida International University Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Biology/Biological Sciences, in 2008. The firm has evolved from being a simple web design and development firm to developing fields like online marketing and affiliate marketing. My personal skills include: dynamic, empathetic to change, explore and enjoy discovering new approaches to our technological projects.

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